Sunday, May 09, 2010

Backing up computers

Backing up computers
Each day Mr. HP is backed up to a travel drive. And every 15 days our two laptops are synchronized with each other. Today is synchronizing day. After this synchronization, Ms. Vaio and Mr. HP are identical.

Because Ms. Vaio only goes online every 15 days, she must receive updates from our AVG Anti-Virus software, Microsoft, and any other updated software. Today was unusual. There was a ton of stuff that needed updating and it took almost an hour to do it!

Doing home construction in Mexico!
I've introduced you before to my friend Pete Schuster and his wife Jimena. They live in Tequisquiapan. Pete has published a webstory giving a ton of information about living in Mexico. If you have any interest in Mexico, this story is a must read [link].

What I've not told you before, is that Pete is an experienced home builder and is doing construction here in Tequisquiapan! Pete does this construction to keep busy and perhaps earn a little money. Pete built his own home in Tequis, and some of his neighbor's homes too.

Just recently, Pete began a new home construction project about 15 minutes outside of Tequisquiapan. Pete & Jimena plan to sell their present home, and move into this new home when it is complete. In the pic below, construction men Benjamin and his son Guadalupe pose with Pete next to the fence/wall under construction.
Benjamin, Guadalupe & Pete