Monday, May 03, 2010

Casa Valadez

Casa Valadez for breakfast - again!
Our favorite restaurant in Guanajuato is Casa Valadez. This restaurant is in the main plaza across from the Juarez Theater. Casa Valadez is soooooo sumptuous. Huge windows open to view the outside scene.

Last August I had breakfast there and have been dreaming about the two omelets that I had that morning [link]. Little Mavicita and I will walk from our Camp above the Panoramic Highway, down to the El Pipila monument. Then down the steep stairs to the plaza.

We love Guanajuato!

The vagabonding life
Yesterday as MsTioga and I were driving along, we were thinking about our vagabonding life. And how much this life suits us. We love the ever present excitement that comes from knowing at any moment we are able to take off down the road and search for adventure!

Have you ever thought about buying an RV and taking off down the road? Making your camps in gorgeous places? Making friends along the way? Hmmmmm?

12 Noon - A day of challenges
1. The above post about going to Casa Valadez for breakfast was made at 5am. I went back to sleep after that post, and woke up sick! I have to remain close to MsTioga and her toilet now until I get better. Maybe breakfast at Casa Valadez tomorrow?

2. Our HughesNet modem does not seem to like being powered by a modified sine wave inverter. After the Aims pure sine wave inverter went bad, the modified inverter was reinstalled. A few hours later, the modem had to be rescued and its software downloaded. That went OK and we are now online again.

Of course it may just be coincidence that the inverter required a software download after the modified sine wave inverter was reinstalled. But that problem did not occur while the pure sine wave was supplying the electric power.