Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Comfort zone

Outside the comfort zone
Life is soooo easy for me in the City of Tequisquiapan. MsTioga makes her camps anywhere and nobody bothers us at all. Yet, next week on Tuesday, I'll be climbing aboard an airplane and winging my way to the Middle East. To Israel and Jerusalem.

You may wonder if I am concerned about taking another trip like this. So far out of my comfort zone. The answer is, "Yes, I am concerned". But not concerned so much about going on the trip. My concern is about NOT being able to go. Because there must come a day sometime, when I won't be able to take a trip like this.

The thought of that inability some day in the future, is the thing that drives me today.

5PM - What have you done all day?
Actually, my days have been extremely indulgent! Late this morning, for example, I watched an online movie, "Yip Man 2", telling the story of the Chinese martial artist and Kung Fu master who eventually would train Bruce Lee.

This afternoon, I spent a couple of hours at the mall's, "Italian Coffee Company" sipping a moca frappe. I am reading the book, "Will Israel Survive?" by Mitchell Bard. The mall is a swell place to do this reading. It is cool there with comfortable upholstered chairs!

Just now MsTioga and I returned to the neighborhood of the Best Western Hotel. There are several eating places around here that are attractive. Right now we are in the middle of downloading the Al Pacino movie, "You Don't Know Jack" [a story about Jack Kavorkian].