Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Feeling good

7AM - Feeling good
Yesterday was for resting. I don't know what happened? Why I got sick? The whole day was spent inside MsTioga reading, watching movies and napping. This morning I am feeling good again!

About mid-morning, Casa Valadez is on the agenda for breakfast!

TiogaRV Team's Income & Expense
Our online income & expense statement for April, 2010 has been published [link]. We spent $166.29 over our income for this month. Not too bad considering that we were on our California trip for most of the month.

Returning Aims inverter to factory
Yesterday we received by email a Return Authorization number to send our defective inverter back to the factory. Now we have to learn about getting the inverter back to us in Mexico.

The Aims Company will ship the repaired inverter to Mexico. However, I am going to leave for Israel about mid-month. If the inverter may be held at United Parcel Service or Mail Boxes etc until my return, that would be good. UPS & MBE have locations in the City of Queretaro.

I plan to find out about all that in a few days when I go to Queretaro to send the inverter back to Aims.

10AM - Breakfast video
Video begins at the Funicular Railway station looking down at Jardín Union where Casa Valadez is located and ends looking at my mushroom omelet.

7PM - Presa de Olla
MsTioga and The Team wanted to look at the lovely lake created by la Presa de Olla [Olla Dam]. So, we broke our hilltop camp and drove to la presa. What a surprise to find the dam empty of water! Looks like the city is doing some maintenance, although the owner of a store told that the dam was emptied because of the mosquitoes! Hmmmmm?