Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flight to Madrid, Spain

Flight to Madrid, Spain
Our airplane flight to Madrid, Spain began different, and turned odd. The plane was scheduled to takeoff at 6:45pm on Tuesday, May 18th. About 1/2 hour later, when the plane still had not moved, passengers were told that this plane had recently arrived from France, and was being refueled.

Another 1/2 hour went by. Passengers were then told that we were now waiting for the temperature to go down about 4°C. This new reason for waiting was because the plane's load was too heavy and there would be more lift at lower temps! Finally, at 8:20pm, we took off from Mexico City bound for Madrid, Spain.

Flight reservation gets messed up
The plane reached Madrid about 2:20pm, May 19th. Since we have a several hour layover in Madrid, the plan was to check-in for our flight to Tel Aviv, Israel then take the metro train to downtown Madrid and have lunch. That never happened!

Instead we learned that for some never explained reason, our reservation for the flight from Madrid to Tel Aviv had been cancelled! We were told to take the shuttle bus back to where we landed at Madrid Airport, and talk to the ticket people at AeroMexico to straighten out this mess. Guess what? The AeroMexico people had all left for the day because there were no more flights for them to attend to!

Six hours to straighten out the plane reservation!
I spent over six hours talking to ticket people from Iberia Airlines. These ticket people were sooooo helpful! Two of Iberia's people worked on my problem for over four hours. However, they finally admitted that they could not do anything! AeroMexico apparently put a hold on the 2nd leg of my flight, and only AeroMexico could remove that hold. Nobody could reach AeroMexico by phone!

Finally, a supervisor in the Iberia Airlines ticket office took pity on me and authorized a ticket be issued for my flight from Madrid to Tel Aviv.