Thursday, May 06, 2010

Garmin Nuvi GPS

Garmin Nuvi GPS
This morning we are going to the Devlyn Optical and Mail Boxes etc stores in the City of Queretaro. Before we leave our Nite Camp in the the City of San Miguel de Allende, we will have programmed into our Garmin Nuvi GPS, the addresses of these two stores.

It is such a tremendous advantage to have a GPS system to guide us!

So much stuff on the net!
Yesterday when I wanted to share with you the pickup line that Al Pacino used in the movie, "...And Justice for All", I listened to that pickup scene and wrote down the words that Pacino and Christine Lahti spoke. Then I wondered if I could rip the scene from the video. However, my copy of the movie is in FLV format, and Windows Movie Maker does not recognize FLV.

So, I went to YouTube and searched for the movie and actually found a video that contained the pickup scene! I downloaded this video using "YouTube Downloader", and then edited that download with Windows Movie Maker. Then used Blogger's video upload routine to share this video with you.

It blows me away that there is soooooo much stuff like this on the net! However, I actually have come to take for granted finding things by searching the net. Now, I am surprised when I DON'T find something when doing a search!

Installed rear clearance light
You may recall awhile back that one of MsTioga's rear clearance lights hit something and the lens got knocked off. We bought two new clearance lights at an AutoZone store. Last nite the new clearance light replaced the one with the missing lens.

After the base of the clearance light was installed, we were checking the electrical connection. There is only one positive wire to connect. The other side of the circuit is a negative ground. Inside MsTioga's skirt/wall, there is some kind of negative grounded metal thing. We do not know what it is, but we found that ground with a mounting screw! Pretty neat, huh?

We decided not to replace the clearance light on MsTioga's left side. MsTioga says that there is nothing wrong with that light. And it is way over on the other side. Who's to know?
New clearance light

Have you been following Weng's blog? Her current blog post tells about her sister who has taken a job as a domestic helper. Weng tells in this post how she herself became a domestic helper at the age of 16. Very poignant story! [link].

Reading this blog story made me reflect how easy my own life has been compared to Weng's.

3PM - Using taxi to do chores
MsTioga drove thru the City of Queretaro looking for the Devlyn Optico store. Too much traffic! We decided to look for a parking place and then use a taxi to do our chores.

When we arrived at the Devlyn store, the eye glasses were not there! A phone call to the store in Manzanillo found that the glasses would not be ready for another 15 days. We made arrangements to pick up these glasses when we are next in Manzanillo. That should be this coming December. Wow!

We then took the taxi to the Mail Boxes etc store. The Aims inverter was packaged up, insured for $5000 pesos [$420US] and shipped UPS ground to Aims in Reno, Nevada. The repaired inverter will be shipped to Son David's home in California.

5PM - La Mansion Restaurante
You may remember reading in my blog about my belief that I'm a very lucky guy. Following my divorce in 1985, I made a mess out of my life. By 1995, I was broke. No business. No money. No home. I recall going grocery shopping in 1995, and having to think hard whether I had enough money to buy a block of cheese!

But look what happened! I am now living this fabulous life. Things seem to just break for me. Take today, for example. MsTioga is Afternoon Camped on a side street about a block from the highway. After doing the chores that I wrote about above, I walked up to the highway and came upon this fabulous restaurant, "La Mansion" [link].

Although I am very far from being rich, I am able to afford a meal at this fancy schmantzy restaurant. I sat at eating a plate of three kinds of fajitas and thinking about my good fortune.