Monday, May 31, 2010

Gilo Israel

Gilo, Israel
During my 2008 trip to Jerusalem I went on an Egged bus to the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo. At that time I wanted to go to see what Gilo looked like. Gilo is considered an illegal settlement by the European Union and the United Nations. I wondered just what is an illegal settlement? Is a settlement sparsely populated land with temporary shacks?

I got lost during that 2008 trip and never found Gilo. I mentioned my wanting to go to Gilo to my friend Shimon, and today he is going to drive me there!

Wandering Gilo
When we arrived in Gilo, I was happy to see that this neighborhood is made up of wide and well paved streets. The homes here are constructed of Jerusalem stone, not temporary structures as the word "settlement" implies.
Shimon in Gilo

We visited a shopping mall located in Gilo. This mall is well built, not a temporary structure. It is clear that this mall has been here for many years.
Gilo's Uptown Mall

Gilo's bullet barrier walls
Shimon being a professional photographer, was interested in taking pics of the concrete bullet barrier walls of Gilo. These are located on hilltops at the edge of Gilo and protect against rifle fire from the Arab neighborhoods across the valley. A school guard in Gilo told us about rifle fire entering his home a few years ago.

The Arab neighborhoods in the pic below are located on the other side of the fence at the top of the hill across the valley.
Painted Gilo bullet walls