Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goodbye MsTioga

Goodbye MsTioga!
This morning at 8am, our friends Pete & Jimena will drive to where MsTioga is camped in Tequisquiapan. We will then follow them to the Village of Santillan, about five minutes north.

There in Santillan at the home of homebuilder Benjamin and his wife Olga, MsTioga will be parked safely in their backyard. MsTioga shall remain there for two months, waiting patiently for the traveling members of her team to return from Israel.

The traveling members are; Jorge, Mr. HP (computer) and Little Mavicita (camera). We are going to miss MsTioga terribly!
Olga [left], sister & son with MsTioga

Jorge & Pete
On Pete's new home site

Bus trip to Mexico City Airport
After MsTioga is all tucked in and happily parked in Benjamin & Olga's backyard, we will return to Tequisquiapan with Pete & Jimena. Then we take the big deluxe bus that goes to the Mexico City Airport.

Our airplane flight is on a giant Boeing 767-300 passenger jet which will take us to Madrid, Spain in only 10 hours and 55 minutes! That's 5,650 miles! Pretty fast, huh? We will have a 10 hour & 45 minute layover in Madrid before continuing on to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Since we will be arriving in Madrid at 12:40pm [just about lunchtime], Little Mavicita has been talking up taking the Metro train into town during this layover to have lunch and see what's what!