Friday, May 21, 2010

Groceries Israel

Shopping for groceries in Jerusalem
The closest grocery market to Gershon's apartment is Mister Zol. The word "zol" in Hebrew means "cheap" in English. Mister Zol does not have cheap prices!

The buying experience is very mysterious for me because, although I am able read Hebrew a little, I do not understand what I read at all. This means that the receipt for my purchase cannot be checked for accuracy.

In the Mister Zol grocery receipt below, the 20.99 shekel price is for good quality smoked sliced turkey. There are 7 slices. This translates to 81 cents US per turkey slice.
Mister Zol grocery receipt

Shimon writes "Gershon and Jonah"
An email letter arrived from my Jerusalem friend Shimon telling of a story he had written titled, "Gershon and Jonah". I really enjoyed that story, which was prompted by our visit together yesterday.

This evening at supper I read my friend and Reader Terry's [tgt in ShoutBox] post about Shimon's story. Terry placed a link to the story too. What a good idea, I thought, to place that link! Because I am guessing that you might enjoy Shimon's writing too [link].