Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home Jerusalem

At home in Jerusalem
From almost the beginning of my blog, my mission has been to get readers to try camping as I have camped away from the RV campground. I've known that many readers have small retirement incomes. That is why I've shared my financial info with you each month. To show that this lifestyle may be done even with an income like mine.

Now I am spending a couple of months in Jerusalem. My rent is only a little above $500US/month. It can be done, even here in Israel!

Everywhere is home
I've mentioned to you many times that everywhere that I camp, I feel at home. It seems that all of those camps over the Western United States and Mexico have gotten me to feel at home even here in Israel. It may seem crazy, but here in Gershon's Jerusalem apartment, I feel at home. When I am riding about on Egged buses, I feel at home.

Sure this is Jerusalem and I am in Israel. I do not know the Hebrew language. But even so, I feel at home. Maybe the feeling of home comes from inside the mind? Hmmmm?

11AM - Slept late
Maybe I am still not cured of jet lag? I posted yesterday's blog at 3am and got up from bed at 11am! I do not feel compelled to do any serious exploring or searching for adventure today. Ordinary looking around at downtown Jerusalem is fine.

I picked up a rental cell phone from the Amigo Cell Phone rental office. Then phoned my friend Shimon to give him my number. Afterwards, Little Mavicita and I strolled around Jerusalem taking a video!