Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jerusalem rental

Jerusalem rental
Do you remember the scammer who was advertising share rentals on Craiglist in Jerusalem? Well, I replied to another ad yesterday, and that same scammer guy replied to my email! Isn't that something?

In that reply I used a different email address. Somehow this scammer guy figured out who I really was. How did he do that? He joked around with me asking if I were really a serious renter!

From now on, instead of replying directly to these ads myself I've asked my Jerusalem friend Shimon to phone the renters for me. Shimon is a savvy guy. Having Shimon do the contacting is a great advantage for me.

Reader's warnings
A few readers have emailed warnings that my going to Israel again will reduce visits to my website. And, that reduction will affect my advertising income.

This is an interesting and intriguing warning. Because if I were really concerned with maximizing reader's visits, I would never have left the United States for Mexico.

Son Joseph flying to Israel!
I have such wonderful news! My youngest Son Joseph has just made airplane reservations to fly to Israel. Joseph will stay with me during the last two weeks in June.

I am soooooo excited about this, you would not believe!
Joe & George in Santa Cruz
April, 2010