Monday, May 17, 2010

Last day before trip

Last day before trip!
Yes! Today is my last day in Tequisquiapan before the airplane trip to Israel! So what have I been doing this morning? Hmmmm?

Reading my blog about my 2008 trip to Israel! [link]

Affording this Israel trip
When I think about my being able to go on this trip to Israel, it seems to me to be a miracle! How could I, a guy who had almost no cash reserves at the end of 2003, be able to do such a trip as this?

It's true! At the end of 2003, after the purchase of two rebuilt transmissions for MsTioga, I had almost no cash in reserve. That was when I blogged to you that I was going to quit vagabonding and get a job!

Amazing! Just amazing!

As a result of my experience with Gigi and the hijacking of her Google Account, I've been looking for a secure and easy to use password manager. The password manager that seems to be the favorite on the internet is called RoboForm [link].

I've been messing around with a free download of RoboForm. It seems to work great. RoboForm will even generate random passwords for me and paste them into each sign-on form so that I do not have to remember them.

RoboForm does not presently work too well with Google Chrome, my favorite browser. So I have to use Internet Explorer when using RoboForm. Soon RoboForm should be working great with Google's Chrome browser too, according to RoboForm's forum.