Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest Jerusalem news

Latest Jerusalem news!
Immediately after making yesterday's blog post, I rented a hotel room at Jerusalem's Park Plaza Hotel. So, for three days after my arrival in Jerusalem, I will not be homeless!

Also yesterday morning, I found what appeared to be a wonderful place to stay in a Craigslist advertisement. You may look at that ad [here]. Notice that the price of this 2-room apartment is ILS89. But what does ILS89 mean? I thought that it meant 89 Israeli shekels per day or about $25US dollars per day. However, after writing many emails back and forth with my friends Shimon and Noga in Jerusalem, I finally figured out that the price of this apartment is $89US dollars per day. Way over what I am able to afford for rent!

The last two times that I went to Jerusalem, I had no problem finding an economical place to stay. This time, wow! I am having all sorts of challenges with finding that place.

What about MsTioga?
Yesterday we told you about MsTioga losing her parking place. But MsTioga found another place that is even better! During our trip to Israel, she will stay in the backyard of the home builder who is constructing Pete and Jimena's wall.

The house builder's name is Benjamin and his wife's name is Olga. They are really nice people. Isn't that good news?