Friday, May 07, 2010

Lazy me

Lazy me!
Little Mavicita and some other TiogaRV Team members got together this morning and wondered why I have gotten lazy lately. I've not washed MsTioga for awhile. This wondering group noticed that MsTioga is not smiling as she usually smiles. And the reason they claim, is because she is dirty. Wow!

What do you think? Is MsTioga unhappy?
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It's a good thing we get older slowly!
Yesterday's post shared with you that my new eyeglasses did not arrive at the Devlyn store in the City of Queretaro. Who knows why? The glasses were promised to be here for my pickup last Monday! But the glasses are not ready yet. So, when the glasses are ready, they will wait for me to return to Manzanillo. And I will not be back to Manzanillo until December!

So, what does this mean? For one thing it means that I'll not be able to read easily until December. My vision has changed. My old glasses while they still work, don't work very well. I have to lean closer to the video screen to see read clearly.

My vision changes soooooo slowly. Hardly perceptible. It's a good thing that we get older slowly because if it happened fast, it would be scary!

12 Noon - Tequisquiapan
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the City of Tequisquiapan. Our Afternoon Camp is next to the Best Western Hotel. The hotel graciously revealed their internet security code. They are soooooo nice!

We are walking over to Pete & Jimena's home to visit. Pete published a wonderful page about Tequisquiapan [link].

Best battery charge controller!
We love out Morningstar battery charge controller. We have had several controllers during the past seven years. This Morningstar TriStar is the very best one.

Here is a link to MsTioga Magazine's story about the Morningstar [link].