Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Leaving Guanajuato

Leaving Guanajuato!
There is no doubt that MsTioga and The TiogaRV Team love Guanajuato. Yet, we are heading out of Guanajuato this morning. Why are we leaving so soon? Well, it is because of what is happening a few days down the road.

When we arrive in the City of Queretaro [pronounced "keh-REHT-tah-row"] in a few days, we get to pickup Jorge's new glasses. You may recall that the glasses bought before our California trip were bifocals. Those proved to be not good for reading because the reading distance was fixed. So, by paying a few more pesos, blended lenses were purchased. These blended ones are waiting for pickup in Queretaro.

Also, we plan to send our Aims inverter back to the factory in Nevada using United Parcel Service. There is a Mail Boxes, etc stone in Queretaro. We do not know why we are so excited about doing this, but we are!

Then of course, there is meeting up again with our friends Pete and Jimena Schuster who live in Tequisquiapan. And then a short time after that, we will be taking a bus to Mexico City. And then flying to Israel!

So, do you see why we are soooooo excited about moving on? Hmmmm?

Tomlinson biking family update
Remember the Tomlinson family who are biking from the North Pole to Argentina? We first met them when they passed thru Aticama several months ago. Well, an email arrived from Ingrid. The family is now in the Central American Country of Costa Rica!

Ingrid's email included an update on her daughter Kate's diary. We have published that diary for you to read [link].

3PM - Camped in San Miguel de Allende
We have made a Nite Camp in the north end of San Miguel de Allende. MsTioga is parked close to a residential construction project. Next to us is a vacant lot. This place looks like a very quiet place for sleeping [link].

Great pickup line!
I am not still into the dating scene, but if I were, the pickup line from the movie "...And Justice for All" would definitely be the line I would use. In the video clip below, lawyer Arthur Kirkland [Al Pacino] puts his line to fellow attorney Gail Packer [Christine Lahti].

Kirkland's pickup line is perfect. He asks Gail to meet him at 7:30. When Gail refuses, Kirkland follows up with 8? This gives Gail a chance to think it over and she accepts with 8:30!