Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reader blog hijacked

Reader blog hijacked
Yesterday we received an email from Reader Gigi asking help. Gigi is senior woman RVer. She is building on land in Tequisquiapan, close by our location. That email claimed that she was robbed in Scotland and lost everything. However, we knew that Gigi is actually only a few miles away.

Yesterday Pete Schuster and I drove out to Gigi's RV to find out what's what. It turns out that somebody hacked Gigi's Google account password and has hijacked her Google Gmail and Blogger account. The thief was trying to get people on Gigi's email list to send her money via Western Union. This morning MsTioga and I are driving out to Gigi's place to try and help her regain control over her Google account.

This is Gigi's blog [link].

12 Noon - Gigi starting new blog
Working with Gigi, we tried to regain her Google account. We were not successful. So, I suggested that the easiest thing would be to create a new Google account and begin to publish her blog on that account.

It turns out that Gigi may have given up her password when she received a scam email that was supposedly from Google. This email asked for her password in order to keep her account from being cancelled. Very clever!