Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday is Friday

Saturday is Friday!
Israel is a country where most people work five days a week. The two days off work are the Sabbath and the day before the Sabbath. In other words, Friday and Saturday are the days people don't work here.

However, I did not understand what I saw happening here in Jerusalem on Fridays. Not until yesterday while talking to Shimon and I questioned why things slowed down so much on Friday afternoons? Shimon explained that here in Israel, Fridays are like Saturdays in the United States!

It still did not dawn on me what this meant until we went for lunch Friday at the Hillel Coffee Shop. We arrived there about 1pm, and the tables were all filled. When we were here yesterday [which was Thursday] for lunch, there were plenty of tables. However, since people had the day off on Friday, many were out shopping and at lunch time they were eating.

Saturday in the United States is Friday in Israel. Now, I understand!