Monday, May 10, 2010

Trip preparation

Trip preparation
One thing that I'll need to take on next week's flight to Israel is an electric plug adapter. I have one aboard MsTioga that adapts to 230v/50Hz. I recall storing this adapter in one of the plastic storage containers in the cabover cabinet. So, this morning I searched for that adapter.

During that search I found a bunch of stuff that has been stored away over the past seven years. Lots of stuff for desktop computers. Cables, mice, electronic junk. The old battery charge controller is stashed up there. Why don't I just throw stuff out instead of stashing it?

The electric plug adapter was found in the next to last storage container. Hmmmm?

Another thing to be done to prepare for this trip is to find a place for MsTioga to stay. This must be a secure location. Pete & Jimena found a wonderful place at the home of their friend Vic who lives in a large gated community a bit north of Tequisquiapan.
Vic & Pete at MsTioga's parking place