Saturday, May 08, 2010

Washing MsTioga

Washing MsTioga
One of MsTioga's most useful and earliest adaptations was to convert her fresh water inlet to a standard hose bibb. A fresh water inlet is used mostly for water hookups in RV campgrounds. We did not intend to stay in RV campgrounds. But we wanted to wash MsTioga.

Sometime in 2003 we removed the fresh water inlet fitting and the one-way valve behind it. What remained was a plastic pipe connected to MsTioga's water system. When MsTioga's water pump was on, water gushed from this plastic pipe!

We bought a standard galvanized floor flange plumbing fitting and mounted it centered on the hole for the now removed fresh water inlet. We also bought a standard hose bibb and connected it to the plastic pipe. Then we adapted this hose bibb to be mounted to the floor flange.
MsTioga's hose bibb

Our present method is the most efficient way of washing MsTioga since we began our journey in 2003. First her exterior is sprayed down using a water hose connected to the hose bibb. Then using a water bucket containing Blue Coral Wash & Wax Concentrate, MsTioga is washed. Then the Blue Coral is rinsed off with the hose!

This washing method takes about 1.5 hours. I am not even tired when this washing is complete. Our new ladder was bought in September, 2007, and is the best ladder that we have owned!