Friday, May 28, 2010

Wohl Rose Garden

Wohl Rose Garden
My get together with Shimon today is in the Wohl Rose Garden [Hebrew: גן הוורדים, Gan HaVradim]. This garden is located not too far from my Kiryat Moshe [קרית משה] apartment. After finding the garden's location in Google Maps, Little Mavicita and I walked over there.

We entered the garden at the Israel Supreme Court site. There is a monument in the garden next to the court. Little Mavicita captured a pano view of the monument with the court building behind.
Monument & Israel Supreme Court

Shimon drove to the garden. He gave me a cell phone call and we met each other close to the Knesset building. The Knesset is Israel's parliament. We walked thru the garden to a place Shimon loves. There is a gorgeous lake here where Shimon often sat and talked with his Father.

Shimon and I found a nice shaded bench near the lake and spent the morning talking together.
Shimon taking pics of the lake

Gershon reads Hebrew!
Do you see the Hebrew words in the above post? It may surprise some Readers that I am able to read Hebrew. For seven years, from my 6th year to my 13th birthday, I was schooled in the Hebrew language.

According to Jewish law, when a Jewish child reaches 13 years they they are Bar Mitzvah and become responsible for their own actions. Included in Bar Mitzvah is a calling to read from the Torah [the Five Books of Moses]. When I read from the Torah scroll, my Hebrew skill was phenomenal. However, although I read Hebrew like lightning, my comprehension of Hebrew was terrible. Now at the age of 72 years, my Hebrew reading is slow. But still there! Very useful to be able to read Hebrew here in Jerusalem

Note: My Hebrew name is Gershon. In Mexico I am Jorge. And in the USA, George.