Monday, June 07, 2010

Abu Ghosh

Abu Gosh
Today the plan is to go to the Town of Abu Gosh because there is a restaurant there that is famous for their hummus and falafel [link]. However we found that the Egged Bus does not go to Abu Gosh! That was when my room mate Gershon suggested using the Arab buses to go there.

Abu Gosh is not too far west of Jerusalem. Our plan is to take Egged Bus #1 to the Damascus Gate of the Old City. Then walk down to the Arab bus station lot. I'll ask around to find out which bus goes to Abu Gosh.

11AM - Arab bus station
Little Mavicita and I took the Egged #1 bus from the Central Bus Station heading toward the Damascus Gate. After walking to the Arab Bus Station, we found a bus driver and asked about the bus going to Abu Gosh?

He told us; "You don't get bus here. Go back central bus station. You get bus Abu Gosh there."

Have you found that sometimes you gotta do something two or more times to finally get it right? This is one of those times.

Little Mavicita and I trudged back up the hill to the bus stop and waited for the #1 bus back to the Central Bus Station.
Arab bus station
Near Damascus Gate

12 Noon - Central Bus Station
The Egged Bus Company has an information window on the 2nd floor of the Central Bus Station. Egged desperately needs this info window because for some inexplicable reason, Egged does not provide a map of their bus service.
Egged information

We want SuperBus
At the Egged info window I asked, "Where is the bus to Abu Gosh?" "It's another bus company called Superbus. Go down the hall. They will tell you about Abu Gosh".

Down the hall I found the tiny Superbus office. A young woman gave me a bus schedule printed in Hebrew and pointed to the #185 bus section. "The next bus leaves at 12:15pm. You have 10 minutes to catch this bus."

12:15PM - Bus ride to Abu Gosh
As you may see in the pic above, Superbus is a very modern vehicle. On the side of the bus written in Hebrew is the word סופרבוס which phonetically reads Superbus. The ride is very smooth and the bus is very well air conditioned!

I asked the man seated across the bus aisle if he knew where the Abu Gosh Restaurant is located? A young man behind me chirped up, "I work at Abu Gosh Restaurant! I will show you where it is."

The young man pointed at the Abu Gosh Restaurant as the bus drove by. The bus stop is only a short distance away from the restaurant.
Abu Gosh Restaurant

Food is wonderful!
My waiter spoke English. The menu was in English as well. I told the waiter that I wanted to order hummus and falafel. But I wanted lamb too. Everything is a la cart, so the waiter suggested a hummus salad which came with some veggies and pita bread and an order of falafel. He also suggested the lamb shish kabob. This is ground lamb and is is sooooooooo good!
Hummus salad and falafel

Lamb shish kabob