Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport - Tel Aviv
Son Joseph arrives in Israel today! We are heading out from Jerusalem and going to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. There is an Egged Bus that goes from the Central Bus Station to the airport. There is one bus change at a place called Airport City. The trip to the airport will take about one hour.

The Central Bus Station has a mall with many eating places. I stop at a one place and order a nice looking tuna sandwich 26 shekels $6.50US.
Sandwich shop at bus station

WiFi in Israel
While eating lunch, I'm able to go online using my iPod Touch. Israel has unsecured WiFi access points all over the place, including here in the bus station.

Joseph arrives!
It took over two hours, instead of one hour, to go from Jerusalem to the airport. Lots of traffic on the highway close to Jerusalem. I arrived at the airport at 5pm, fifteen minutes before Joe's plane was scheduled to arrive. However, his plane did not land until almost 6pm, and Joe did not leave the terminal until about 6:20pm.
Joe in Israel

Back to Jerusalem
We both decided to take the Egged bus back to Jerusalem, instead of a sherut taxi. The sherut [shared] taxis cost about $15.60US, and the Egged bus $5.85. Not for the money savings as much as the experience. The bus took us to the Central Bus Station, then we bussed back to the Ramada Hotel and dropped off Joe's luggage.

We went out for supper in the Zion Square neighborhood. The streets here are filled with nite life. People eating, shopping and socializing. These streets are closed off to traffic, and are only for walking. It is a large outdoor mall.

Joe bought a giant shawarma salad, served in a big bowl. I got a shawarma served in a plate with a thick bed of hummus topped at the salad bar with tons of stuff. We remained there until almost 11pm, then returned to our hotel.
Mall near Zion Square