Thursday, June 03, 2010

Breakfast noon

Breakfast at noon!
This morning Shimon said to me, "How does time pass so fast?" Of course this is a rhetorical question. Both Shimon and I know how fast time passes when we become old people! We spent the morning messing around talking and also playing with our blogs.

Then around noon we went out for breakfast. Nearby our Bed & Breakfast room is the charming Town of Zichron Ya'akov [Memory of Jacob]. Little shops and restaurants dominate the center of this town. I was looking for a place that served breakfast and spotted a group of people eating together. Some of them had ordered omelettes. "This is the place for me!"

While waiting for our food to be served, I pontificated on how to resolve the problems of Israel.

Note: The book I am reading in the pic below is "Will Israel Survive" [link].
Gershon talks about Israel

Shimon & Gershon in Zikron Ya'akov

7:30PM - Rafi
Shimon and I are invited to the home of his old and dear friend Rafi. This home is located in the arid hills of the most northern part of Israel in the Town of Gita. As we drove along, I followed our progress using an atlas of Israel that Shimon carries in his car.

We were getting very close to the Israeli-Lebanese border! Night was almost upon us. We entered the Town of Gita whose homes are scattered here and there along the hillside.

Rafi's home is outside of Gita. We stopped on the curvy hillside road to take pics of the Sun setting behind the town.
Sunset at Gita

The home of Rafi & Avital
This home is an environmental wonder! Electric power from the Sun and wind. Lighting of seashell fixtures handmade by Rafi using tiny LED bulbs. Water from rain run-off collected in a reservoir.

The four of us sat at a very low table on which Avital served cherries, pistachio nuts, tofu pudding and broccoli bread. We drank champagne to toast our visit. What a wonderful time!

Note: My friend Shimon published a lovely post about Rafi's home [link]
Shimon, Avital and Rafi