Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bus Jerusalem

Exploring Jerusalem by bus
This morning I was just about to book a "Tunnel Tour" [link] of the Western Wall. However, while on the phone making the reservation, I changed my mind. Why should I go on this tour now? Why not wait for my Son Joe to arrive in Jerusalem and share the enjoyment of this tour together?

Instead I am going to explore Jerusalem by Egged Bus [pronounced egg-gehd], Yesterday morning I purchased an Egged Jerusalem Monthly Pass. This monthly pass is good for all of June, 2010 and cost 244 shekels $62.78US. The monthly pass allows riding Egged buses all over Jerusalem. Getting off anywhere and boarding anywhere. Very convenient!

I want to be better oriented on where the buses go when Son Joe arrives. Also, it is lots of fun for me to explore [as you may already know!]. The first bus line that I will ride is the #1 from the Central Bus Station. The entire route!

11AM - City of David
Egged's #1 bus goes from the Central Bus Station to the southern end of the Old City. Here passengers must exit the bus and re-board if they wish to return to the CBS.

Little Mavicita and I decided to take a walk down to the nearby site of the ancient City of David. This is where King David built his palace and established his capital. As we walked down the hill, we passed the famous Al Aksa mosque built on the Temple Mount.
Al Aksa mosque
300 meters north from City of David

When my Son Joe is here, we will take the guided tour of the City of David Park. Today I walked thru a passageway used by residents to bypass the park entrance. Below is an excellent view of the Kidron Valley and the Arab Village of Silwan on the other side.

Somewhere below where I stood to take this pic, is the Tomb of Absalom, son of King David. Jesus walked the Kidron Valley.
Village of Silwan

Old pic of Temple Mount
While we were at the King David Park store, Little Mavicita spotted an old photo of the Temple Mount and captured it.
Temple Mount in 1910

7PM - Invitation to supper!
Shimon and Noga have invited me to supper tonite. I'm traveling to their home on the Egged Bus. On the way I stop off for a box of chocolates to give to Noga.

This is the first time that I've taken a bus trip to Shimon and Noga's home. I have the address, but do not know where to get off the bus. When I ask the bus driver to help me, he is not sure. Several bus riders over hear my question and begin to talk among themselves. Soon one lady tells the bus driver where I should get off.

After departing the bus, I still do not know where to go. A family passing by for an evening walk shows me the way. It is only one block from where I got off the Egged Bus to Shimon & Noga's home!

Noga prepares a wonderful supper. First came a delicious cob of corn. I love corn! Then came a salad, guacamole dip, tahina dip, cream cheese, fresh sliced bread for dipping. Then Noga served a wonderful stuffed pepper!

After supper we watched a movie titled, "Pirates of Silicon Valley" which is the story of the beginning of Apple Computer and Microsoft.

Shimon and Noga drove me back to my room so that I would not need to use the Egged Bus late at night!