Thursday, June 24, 2010

Exploring northern Israel

Exploring northern Israel
This evening begins the sabbath. As you may know, Israel is shut down during sabbath. So, we decided to rent a car from Avis so that we could do stuff. It turned out that the cost to rent a car for only two days or four days, was the same. We will return our Avis rental car in Haifa next Tuesday.
Our Avis rental beast

Exploring Tiberias
We drove around the City of Tiberias for a bit, then parked and went down the boardwalk next to the Sea of Galilee [Yam Kinneret in Hebrew]. We came to an ice cream stand that made milk shakes! I love milk shakes.
Joe and George with drinks at the seashore

Driving to the Israel/Lebanon border!
It is amazing how small is the Country of Israel. We drove north from the Sea of Galilee and the City of Tiberias. Our little rental car took us thru the Cities of Zefat, Rosh Pinna, Hazor Hagelit. In less than an hour we passed thru Kiryat Shmona.

Up on a hill overlooking the Town of Metula, we parked and looked down at the Country of Lebanaon. We are both struck that such a prosperous community as Metula thrives so close to the border of Lebanon!

There is a sign posted just behind where we are parked warning us that mines are planted there. This sign a reminder of how dangerous this place has been.
Joe looks at Lebanon