Saturday, June 26, 2010


Going to Haifa
This morning we left the City of Tiberias heading for the Mediterranean coast and the City of Haifa. The roads of Israel are maintained in spectacular condition so the trip went very well.

When we arrived in Haifa, the traffic was pretty heavy. We found that our hotel is located in a very densely populated area. Driving here is a bit stressful. There was no street parking to be found near our hotel. Good thing our hotel has its own parking lot. However, we could not find the parking lot! The hotel gave us instructions for locating that lot, but we still could not find it!

The lot is located on a small street that was torn up because of a construction project. Buses and cars moved on this street at a snail pace. Driving around the block and returning to the hotel took about 20 minutes each trip. Finally, after three trips around the neighborhood, we located the tiny gate leading from the street into the lot.

Going out for lunch
Our plan for seeing Haifa included using our rental car to drive around the city. However, after the experience of not finding any place to park while traveling thru Haifa to the hotel, or at the hotel itself, we decided that driving around Haifa was out of the question.

By the time we got checked into our hotel room, I was starving for food. Lugging my bag up the stairs from the parking lot used up too much energy. Funny thing was that later we learned that an elevator went down to the parking area. We did not notice the tiny elevator door when we went past it with our luggage!

I found a steak restaurant by searching online. But the restaurant is located way up the hill. The City of Haifa is somewhat like San Francisco, California. Big hills around the bay. We could walk, take a bus or taxi. Walking up that hill was not a choice for me. Buses? We took a taxi.

The food was good. We bought a platter of different kinds of meats, beef and chicken.

Bahai shrine and gardens
After eating it was late in the afternoon, about 4:30pm. We are close to the the huge Bahai gardens, a very famous place in Haifa. We decided to walk over there and walk down the hill thru the gardens. However, the guards at the garden entrance told that walking all the way thru to the the bottom of the gardens is not permitted! We could only look at the first two upper level gardens.

After the Bahai garden, Joseph wanted to explore Haifa by walking. That kind of walk is not in the cards for me. So, I took the bus back down the hill and returned to the hotel.
Looking down at the Bahai gardens