Monday, May 31, 2010

Jerusalem music

Jerusalem music concert
This afternoon and evening I'll be attending a music concert in downtown Jerusalem. My friends Shimon and his wife Noga have invited me to go with them. We will be going to the concert by Egged Bus.

Since I often need a nap during the afternoons, my plan is to stay at home at the apartment until around 4pm. Then meet up with Shimon and Noga and go to the concert.

Pretty neat, huh?

4PM - Meeting Shimon in Jerusalem
The plan was for me to meet Shimon at the corner of King George & Jaffa Streets. But I got lost! After getting off the bus, I cell phoned Shimon. We both began walking in opposite directions along Jaffa Street. In only about five minutes, we found each other!

We walked some interesting neighborhoods while talking and joking around as you may see in the pics below.
I love curving streets!

Shimon loves beer, wine and whiskey!

5PM - Meeting up with Noga
Shimon and I kept walking and seemingly wandering around Jerusalem. But we were actually heading toward where his wife Noga was waiting.

After meeting up with Noga, we all went to a very nice photography exhibition. That was where Little Mavicita's backup batteries gave out! So, we only have one more pic to show you!
Noga looks at photos

7PM - The concert
After we left the photo exhibition, the three of us walked toward the concert. I recognized where we walked as being close to the Old City and the Jaffa Gate! I had walked here myself in 2008.

We came to a gorgeous modern shopping mall. By now I was starving and more interested in food than a music concert. We got an outside table in a lovely restaurant. I ordered a fried tuna steak. Maybe Shimon will email me some pics of me eating this tuna steak?
Noga & I on way to concert
Shimon took pic while making us laugh!