Friday, June 25, 2010

Kfar Giladi

Visiting Kfar Giladi
An email arrived from Uncle Seymour telling of our relatives who live at the kibbutz, Kfar Giladi. We drove right past Kfar Giladi during our trip north yesterday! Until the email arrived from Seymour, we did not know about our relatives who live there!

So, we decided to head north again today and try to locate our relatives at Kfar Giladi. On the way north, we followed the River Jordan to see what this stream looks like above the Sea of Galilee. We came to a place where there is a drop in the river which formed a rocky fall.
Rocky fall on the River Jordan

By mid-afternoon we arrived at the kibbutz, Kfar Giladi. This kibbutz may have originated as a collective community, mostly based on agriculture. Now however, Kfar Giladi is diverse industrial kibbutz [link].

We drove into Kfar Giladi and asked the first person we saw for help. Seymour gave us the name, "Mulka", which is the first name of a member of our family. Mulka was not a close relative. He is the uncle of my aunt Rochelle. Would you believe that this person actually knew who Mulka was? We followed this lady to the nearby home of our relatives and were greeted at the door by Hagar, who is the daughter of Mulka.

We spent a wonderful afternoon chatting with Hagar, her husband Ahron, their daughter Adee, and son-in-law Remi.
Hagar, George, Joseph, Ahron, Remi, Adee
Children Tom, Leah