Monday, June 21, 2010


Visit to Masada
One of the most visited places for tourists in Israel is Masada. After the Romans conquered Israel, some Jews took refuge in a mountain top fortress built by Herod about one hundred years earlier. These Jews were overcome by Romans, and killed themselves rather than be captured.

In recent times, the crumbled walls of Masada were rebuilt showing what this place looked like during those ancient years [link].

Egged Tour
Joe and I paid for an Egged Bus tour of Masada. Our tour guide was wonderful. However the actual tour turned into a mini-disaster. The tram that takes tourists up to the 1,800 foot mountain top stalled several times during our ascent. This was quite scary, as you may imagine. The tram would come to a complete halt, and tourists would not be told why. We would hang there for 10 minutes or more each time before the tram began slowly moving once again. Finally the tram brought us to Masada.

When we exited the tram, the wind was really whipping up! Huge gusts actually pushed me around. I had trouble walking because of this wind. Also, the wind carried sand which struck my face and eyes. It was really terrible!

Shorty after beginning the actual tour, I told Joe that I was not going to continue. It was too difficult to hold my hat on my head to keep it from blowing away while trying to stay erect as the wind was pushing me around. But being blasted by sand was the worst.

I returned by the malfunctioning tram to the bottom of the mountain and waited a little over an hour for Joe and the tour to come back.