Friday, June 18, 2010

Old City Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem
Today is Friday, Son Joseph's first full day in Jerusalem. Today is also the day before the sabbath. Most of Jerusalem's businesses are shut down on Friday before the sabbath begins on Friday evenings. Tomorrow will be a quiet sabbath day for us.

Joseph decided that he wished to go to the Old City today. So, we took the bus to Central Bus Station where we had breakfast. Then we went to the Old City to experience the Western Wall.

On entering the Old City's Dung Gate, we saw the Al Aksa Mosque.
Joe and Al Aksa Mosque

A short distance beyond Al Aksa, is the Western Wall of the Temple. While at the Wall, Joe told how deep is his respect being at this place. A place where despite huge challenge Jews have come here risking safety to express their beliefs.
Joe at the wall

Just a bit south of the Old City, is the site of the ancient City of King David. We walked down the stairs to Kidron Valley and the Arab City of Silwan, It is a long walk up the hill from here, to get back to the Old City. We caught an Arab bus where for only 4.5 shekels each [$1.20US], we were taken to the Damascus Gate.
Joe in City of David

In the Arab bus

We walked together thru the Damascus Gate, stopping to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Then continued to the Jaffa Gate and then home to our hotel.
Joe is at the red arrow in the Damascus Gate