Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Pardes Hanah-Karkur

Pardes Hanah-Karkur, Israel
This morning we are heading out of Jerusalem for the City of Pardes Hanah-Karkur. We are traveling with our friend Shimon, and going in his car. When we arrive, we will be close to the Mediterranean coast, south of the City of Haifa. Shimon and I will be visiting with his daughter and also searching for adventure as we travel!

Would you like to see where we will be? First click [here] to bring up a Google Earth map of of our present location in Jerusalem. Then click [here] to fly to Pardes Hanah-Karkur.

Updated Trip Plan and Expenses
Yesterday we updated our 2010 Trip Plan and published Income & Expense for May, 2010. If you wish to view these pages, you will find them in links off our Home page.

Or, you may click [here] for Trip Plan. And click [here] for budget page.

12 Noon - Caesarea for lunch!
Shimon drove out of Jerusalem heading for the coast. We found almost no traffic even while traveling thru the highway intersection near Tel Aviv. We drove north past the Cities of Netanya and Hadera. Then got off the highway heading for the coast. We wanted to be close to the waters of the Mediterranean Ocean for lunch.

We came to the site of the Caesarea National Park. Here was the home of a Colosseum theater built during King Herod's time. There is a harbor here which during the 9th century [Arab period] contained a fortified city. The Christian Crusaders conquered this place in 1101. Many other peoples conquered and ruled this area, perhaps too numerous to mention.

Today Shimon and I are here to look around and eat lunch. Not comparable events compared to other historical things that happened here. But important to us!
Shimon recording the ruins

Checking menu for lunch!

4PM - Grushka's Bed & Breakfast
Shimon's wife Noga made arrangements for Shimon and myself to stay at Grushka's Bed & Breakfast in the Town of Benyamina. With the help of Noga on the cell phone, we searched around Benyamina and located this quaint B&B.

Our room contains an upper and lower floor. I am staying in the upstairs which has a nice air conditioner and two single beds. Shimon is downstairs in a room with a double bed which also has its own air conditioner. We seem to both be content with these arrangements!
Shimon at Grushka's

7PM - Rivka & Kika
Rivka is Shimon's daughter. Rivka's best friend is Kika. These two are lovely women. Shimon and I are invited for supper tonite at Kika's home where a Greek meal is planned! Rivka & Kika are preparing this meal together.

Shimon is a very lucky guy to have a daughter like Rivka! All that Shimon had to do was to mention this afternoon that I was hungry. The next thing I knew, Rivka was at our apartment with a pizza, homemade soup, a bottle of whisky! It was amazing!
Kika & Rivka

Our Greek supper table

Home made humous

Home baked bread