Friday, June 11, 2010

Reader writes

Reader Rock writes!
A Reader who calls himself Rock writes:
"Reading of this trip to Israel is almost as exciting as watching grass grow on a hot, dry day in August. I wonder how much readership has fallen?"

My reply to Rock:
Readership appears to be in the mid-50,000/month. Down from the mid-80,000/month in the several prior months. You understand that my blog is about my life and what I do. Clearly, what I am doing now in Israel is of less interest to readers. However, it is NOT of less interest to me.

Should I design my life and what I do to interest readers instead of myself?

Dear Reader:
I feel that it is appropriate to write openly to you here in my blog about my trip to Israel. It would be wonderful if all readers of my blog were as excited about the City of Jerusalem and the Country of Israel as I am. But that interest is not going to happen. And I knew this before I decided on another trip to Israel.

Most readers are interested in places that they intend to visit, or would like to visit. It is very likely that few readers ever even think of visiting Israel. Also of issue is that MsTioga is not here in Israel with me. After all, this blog is "The Adventures of Tioga and George".

What if I had an RV here in Israel?
My Jerusalem friend Shimon Z'evi tried hard to find an RV for me to rent for this trip to Israel. But not even one RV could be found! Readership might not have dropped so much if I were living in an RV instead of renting a room in Gershon's apartment in Jerusalem.

I can only imagine how exciting it would be to be camping in Israel as I have made Camps in the United States and Mexico! I would move around from place to place, camping in a different location most every nite! Wow! That would have been sooooooo great!

10AM - Shimon in the park
Shimon and I have a date to meet together in the Wohl Rose Garden. Tomorrow is the sabbath, the end of the week. And today we will get together to talk about things important between us.

When I arrived, there was Shimon on a park bench busily typing on his tiny laptop computer. Shimon loves his little computer, and takes it everywhere he goes. We talked for awhile, then moved to a shady spot in another part of the park. On the way we looked for the waterfall which is above the lake. The pump for the waterfall was turned off, likely in preparation for the sabbath.
Shimon waits for me while computing

A shady place in park

12:30PM - Hillel Coffee Shop
Shimon's car is in a metered parking place, and the time is up. We go to the car and then drive to the Hillel Coffee Shop.

I want to buy a cafe latte like the one at the Italian Coffee Company in Mexico. Since Hillel does not have cafe latte, I order a blended coffee and a dish of vanilla ice cream for each of us. These were soooooo good. Both of us loved them.
Blended coffee & ice cream