Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sabbath prep

Sabbath is a burden
There is no doubt that for me, the sabbath is a burden. I asked Shimon to try and return to Jerusalem at least by noon. The reason is that the Mister Zol grocery closes at 2pm. By arriving at noon, I'll have time to buy groceries to last thru the sabbath until Sunday morning when grocery stores will again open for business in the new week.

We left Grushka's bed & breakfast in the Town of Benyamina a bit before 10am. The highway past the City of Haifa contained light traffic because this is the day before sabbath. In only a little over two hours, we reached the City of Zion. The City of Jerusalem!

Home in Jerusalem
Although my real home is back in Mexico with MsTioga, I also now feel as though I am home here in Jerusalem. Shimon dropped me off at Gershon's apartment and I lugged my travel bag up the stairs to the second floor.

Before shopping, the laundry must be done in order for there to be time enough for my clothes to dry. Here in Israel, it is not the custom to use clothes driers. People hang their clothes to dry in Israel. There is a collapsible drying stand that I use to hang my wash to dry. By 1pm the clothes are washed and hanging to dry!

Mister Zol grocery
It takes less than ten minutes to walk to Mister Zol. It is an enjoyable walk. After crossing the boulevard in front of the apartment, I enter a neighborhood of condo apartments. The street is tree lined. There is very light traffic and quiet.

At Mr. Zol I need a five shekel coin to to detach the chain lock from the shopping cart. The first things to buy are bread rolls and bagels. I was concerned that because today is the day before sabbath that all the bread things would be bought up. However, the bread selection is huge and I find just what I want!

One of the things on my list is Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese. I find an 8 ounce tub which costs 19.99 shekels. This price converts to $5US. Food is expensive in Israel because of large tax included in the price. This tax is necessary in order to fund the huge government social and military programs here in Israel.

Shimon's sabbath post
I've just read Shimon's June 4, 2010 post titiled, "Coming home for sabbath". I loved reading his beautiful words. Like poetry! [link]

Gershon's question
Last nite just as I was preparing for bed, my landlord and roommate Gershon came up to me and said:
"You have been to the Western Wall of the temple. Have you ever wondered why there is no building there instead of just the wall? Don't answer now. Think about it tonight".