Sunday, June 13, 2010

Temple Mount abort

Temple Mount trip aborted
This morning was supposed to be a trip to the Temple Mount. This is the area above the Western Wall where is found the shiny golden domed building, The Dome of the Rock. Also the grey domed Al-Aksa Mosque.

A covered wood ramp rises to the right of the Western Wall and curves upward to reach the Temple Mount. There is a check point at the top of the ramp where a guard informed me that my pants were too short. Pointing at my pants, he said, "Pants below knee". Then he pointed to the left and said, "Go here".

A woman who passed thru this check point with me was wearing a blouse. The guard pointed to her neckline saying, "No good".

This woman and I walked to where we were directed. I suspected that perhaps I would find long pants for me to wear. What was actually there was a colored cloth wrap. I was shown to wear the wrap wound around my waist so that my knees were covered. Now with knees acceptably covered, I walked away only to be told in Arabic something that I did not understand.

A Temple Mount guide told me, "He wants money for cloth. He ask 50 shekel, but only give 10 shekel." When I held out 10 shekels, it was refused. The man wanted 50 shekels for using this cloth. 50 shekels is about $12.50US. No, I thought to myself. And handed the cloth back.

I'll come again to the Temple Mount and be sure to wear long pants.

2PM - Doctor appointment
Last Sunday I wrote to you about a skin growth on my right cheek that looked suspicious. I made an appointment for today to see a dermatologist at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

The Egged Bus dropped me off about one long block from the hospital. When I asked where to go at the front desk info table, the lady looked my name up in their computer and told me exactly where to go.

I met my dermatologist, Doctor E. Zagy who looked me over head to foot. He told me that the particular skin growth that I was concerned about was no problem. Doctor Zagy removed four growths by freezing using cryogenic spray.

Cost of my doctor visit, 299 shekel $78US.
Sharre Zedek Medical Center