Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Temple Mount_2

7:30AM - Temple Mount with long pants!
This morning Little Mavicita and I are off again for the Temple Mount. A couple of days ago our trip up there was aborted because my knees were showing. Not good to show knees, according to the Muslim guards at the Mount's entrance.

Just past that entrance, is the Al Aksa Mosque. Often seen from afar, but now, up close!
Gershon at Al Aksa

Of course the Golden "Dome of the Rock" is the most spectacular site to be seen this morning up on the Temple Mount.
Dome of the Rock

Two things surprised Little Mavicita and myself. We did not know that there are several tree covered parks up here. Also, there are huge open spaces adjacent to the Dome of the Rock.
One of the park areas

Huge open space

12 Noon - McDonald's for a milkshake!
After descending from the Temple Mount, I was in the mood for a milkshake. There is a McDonald's in Egged's Central Bus Station.

"Do you have milkshakes here?", I asked. "Yes, we have milkshake. What flavor you want?", the girl behind the counter asked.

While my chocolate milkshake was prepared, I read the menu board. Would you believe that the Hebrew word for milkshake is milkshake? Of course "milkshake" is spelled phonetically in Hebrew letters on the McDonald's menu board!

Milkshake in Hebrew is מילקשייק.
Good milkshake too!