Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tomlinson Family Update!
Do you remember the Tomlinson family? We met them in Aticama last January [link]. This is a family of three on a bicycle journey traveling from the Arctic to Argentina.

Wife and Mother Ingrid has been sending me email updates of their trip. Daughter Kate has been writing a diary of her view of this amazing journey. This morning I published all of the stories that I have received from Ingrid and Kate.

A permanent link to the Tomlinson Journey is located in MsTioga Magazine. Here is a [link] to Kate's first diary.
Sean-43, daughter Kate-9 and Ingrid-42.

3PM - Busy bees!
We have been busy bees today! There was a problem with XM Radio's antenna. Sometimes when going under low trees, the XM antenna would be brushed back and would sit an angle. Reception is bad unless the antenna is vertical.

We bought a spring loaded hinge and mounted the XM antenna to this hinge. Now when the antenna is brushed back, it pops back up to vertical!
Popup XM antenna

Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiberglass paint job

MsTioga's fiberglass and paint job!
This morning I replied to an email from a Reader asking questions about MsTioga's fiberglass and paint job. As you may remember, MsTioga had a major exterior remodel during February and March, 2007.

I had forgotten about the details of this fiberglass and paint job, and to refresh my memory, reviewed my blog posts during that time. I have to admit, modestly, that this period of MsTioga's life is an amazing story!

Perhaps you would like to take a peek at MsTioga's thrilling days of yesteryear? The story begins on February 13, 2007 [link]. Below are before and after pics showing how MsTioga has changed since we first met.
Benicia, California
February, 2004

West of Constitución, Mexico
March 29, 2007

Note: MsTioga Magazine has a story about the fiberglass and paint job [link].

Morning - A Little Mavicita Movie

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forgot payday

Forgot payday!
Yesterday was payday. The day that direct deposits are received from Social Security and also from Google. However, I forgot to check my deposits and update my Quicken accounting system. Can you imagine that? And payday is one of my favorite days too! Hmmmm?

I do not know about you, but I love it when my savings go up. Much better than when savings go down! Our budget reports have been changed to show an "Annual 2010 to Date" report. With this months payday receipts, this new report shows a surplus of $2,082. Pretty good, huh?

Note: You may view our Income & Expense info by clicking on the "Behind the Scenes" link on our Home page.

Papa Gene
My friends Pete and Jimena have adopted a very nice man named Gene. Pete and Jimena call him Papa Gene. Today I'm going up to see Pete at his home construction site. Then we will both drive to Pete's rented home where I'll spend time with my friend Papa Gene.

On arriving at the construction site, Little Mavicita and I found Pete in his chair watching the men working at building the foundation. It is amazing how much work has been done during the past few weeks. After the concrete foundation that you see below is complete, the brick walls of the house will begin.
Pete watching the work

Concrete foundation
Do you see bricks for the walls?

Papa Gene

This evening we had breaded and fried talapia fish for supper. My favorite thing for fish is to fry it with garlic and onions. Then after the fish is done, scrape the pan for the remaining garlic and onions, placing these on top of the fish. Ymmmmm!
Fried fish supper!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sharing photos

Sharing photos
A Reader wrote this morning asking if my raw photos are stored online. I'd never thought about uploading the raw photos that I take for the public to view. And thinking about that now, I cannot figure out of what use these photos would be? However, I am aware that many photographers upload all of their photos. So, this morning I uploaded a random selection of my raw photos.

When Little Mavicita takes a pic, that pic is stored by the date. If you click [here] you will see the pics that I uploaded so far in date labeled folders. Should I upload all of my stored pics?

Saving videos for playing later
When downloading videos, I've been recording streaming videos [movies] for playing later. The software that I use to do this recording is called "Replay Media Catcher".

Note about above ad: I've used and enjoyed Replay Media Catcher [RMC] for over a year. Yesterday I learned that Applian Technology [the company that produces this software] has an Affiliate program. When you purchase RMC thru my ad link, I'll earn a small commission.

9PM - Just finished supper
Supper this evening was pork sautéed in soy sauce and garlic, breaded and fried zucchini squash, sliced mushroom sautéed in garlic, corn and a dinner salad.

As you may see in the pic below, the meal is served in a cast iron skillet. This is very convenient for food prep and eating. As each food item is finished, it is moved to keep warm in the cast iron skillet which is inside our oven.
Supper tonite

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fabulous Camp

Fabulous Camp!
To look at where MsTioga is parked in the pic below, you may not think of this place as a fabulous Camp. However, to us on the TiogaRV Team, it is! This Camp is located on a quiet street near the center of the Town of Tequisquiapan. Just across the road is the Best Western Hotel with an open WiFi connection!

This is our usual Nite Camp here in Tequis!
TiogaRV Team Camp in Tequisquipan

Have you used our Archives?
MsTioga and George are wondering if you use our Archives? There is a link to Archives in the header and footer of our blog. Take a peek?

12 Noon - Enjoying home
I admit to you that I really enjoy being in my home. Especially when MsTioga is in a quiet place. It does not matter if people are walking by outside. Inside, it is home. My home!

I used to feel a bit guilty staying inside my RV home. My feeling then was that I should be out doing something. Seeing something new. Exploring. Now however, I feel really wonderful in the peace of Tioga.

Right now Mr. HP is recording a movie for watching later. After the recording is finished, we will go down and make an Afternoon Camp next to the lake.

4PM - A really sunny day!
This has been the first sunny day in many days. The weather has been cloudy and rainy for weeks. We love all days. However, sunny days are special!
View from Tioga's window
Temperature outside: 78°F

Monday, July 26, 2010

Building home Mexico

Building a home in Mexico!
This morning the TiogaRV Team is driving over to Pete Schuster's home construction site. We have not visited there in over a week, and are excited to see the progress. The home's foundation walls should be well on their way to completion by now!

It has occurred to me that you might have construction experience yourself. Perhaps you have considered building your own home in Mexico? Pete Schuster has built several homes in Mexico performing the function of contractor. Maybe you would like to email Pete and ask him questions about "Building your own home in Mexico?" [link].

Foundation walls finished!
On arriving at the construction site, we were soooooo surprised to find that all of the foundation walls had been completed! The reinforced wall columns are just beginning.

In the pic below, Pete talks with the plumber about the placement of a washroom's toilet and sink.
Pete and the plumber

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Borrego place

The borrego place
Around the corner from today's Camp is a restaurant that specializes in borrego [sheep]. I spotted this borrego restaurant last year, but never looked inside. Yesterday while at the Pemex gas station, it occurred to me to go take a peek.

The waiters are all in uniform, and there are lots of customers. Always a good sign! The open kitchen located at the entrance is clean, and the meats being prepared look wonderful.

Little Mavicita and I are going to walk over to the borrego place this afternoon for lunch!

3PM - Back from restaurant
It's been lightly raining all day. So, Little Mavicita and I took Giant Umbrella along for our walk to the restaurant. Looking at the menu, it was hard to decide. The look of the rib steak of my neighbor at the next table looked good, and I ordered it. 70 pesos [$5.60US].

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July spending down

July spending down!
The month of July has been terrific for our financial shape. With only one week to go in July, our total expenses for this month are only $639. In talks with our Tequisquiapan friend Pete Schuster, we claimed that we could live in Mexico for around $600/month.

If things go as expected, we should add about $1,000 to our savings this month!

Note: Our goal in posting about finances here in our blog is to share with readers about the economy of RV living.

10AM - Weather forecasts rain
Although today's weather report forecasts rain, NexRad radar shows only one rain system to the east of Tequisquiapan. MsTioga is hoping for a sunny afternoon. That would be soooooo nice!.

11:30AM - Valley View Camp
We have made a Day Camp behind the Soriana store. As you may see in the pic below, this is an excellent view of the valley between Tequis and the distant mountains. On the way here we stopped at the Pemex and put 500 pesos of gasoline in MsTioga. Also, we asked the gas station manager for permission to fill Tioga's fresh water tank. Tioga receives most of her water from Pemex gas stations.
Tioga's Day Camp

2PM - Little Honda on-the-job!
With several days in a row of rainy and cloudy skies, The TiogaRV Team is very fortunate to have Little Honda on board! How else would we charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank?

As you may see in the pic below, we are still in T-shirt and short pants weather. Right now it is a very comfortable 67°F. The skies over our Camp are cloudy. No Sun may be seen. Only intermittent light showers have fallen over the past few hours.
Little 1KW Honda