Monday, July 12, 2010


MsTioga has ants!
Have we mentioned before that MsTioga has ants? Different kinds of ants too. Tiny ones that can barely be seen that walk slowly. A little bit larger ant that runs around really fast. And then there is an ant that is bigger than the other two.

A couple days ago I mentioned these ants to Pete and Jimena. They told me about an exterminator here in Tequisquiapan. I was planning on going to see this exterminator this morning. But then I got to Googling about ants, and found out that ants eat termites.

If ants can live in a motorhome, how about termites? Maybe ants are MsTioga's friends, and are killing termites? Maybe I should let the ants live!

9AM - Maintenance
MsTioga and The Team drove close to the Bodega Aurrera grocery store to do some shopping. We decided to do some maintenance chores first. Checking tire pressure and checking lights is on today's maintenance list.

Did we ever tell you that MsTioga has her own air compressor for filling tires? It's a small 120 volt AC compressor. We have inflated a flat tire with this compressor! MsTioga likes 120 volts AC because our heavy duty extension cord may be used to carry electric power to all the tires.

When we checked the lights, one of the rear turn signals was not operating. Inspection of the bulb found a bunch of corrosion! A spray of Caig DeoxIT [link] took off the corrosion immediately!

Before we posted about our maintenance, I made a mushroom, onion and cheese omelette for breakfast!
Mr. HP & Jorge blog posting

Below is one of SeƱorita Tioga's favorite camping places. On a quiet street behind the Bodega Aurrera store.
Camped behind Bodega Aurrera
Tequisquiapan, Mexico