Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back MsTioga2

Back with MsTioga!
It is truly amazing how good it is to be back living inside MsTioga again. MsTioga is my home, and I love it here soooooo much!

MsTioga's engine starting battery was disconnected for our trip to Israel. When I went to reconnect the cable, the clamp end broke! So, my friend Pete Schuster drove me to an auto supply store where a replacement battery cable was purchased. After replacing the battery cable, MsTioga's engine started right up. Pete said, "The engine sounds good!"

Pete helped me back MsTioga out of Benyamin's yard where she was camped during our trip to Israel.
MsTioga's Mexico camp

8PM - Dying for sleep!
It is soooooo hard making this blog post. I can barely keep my eyes open! It is 4am Friday in Jerusalem, and 8pm here in Mexico. But I wanted to write to you about MsTioga before going to sleep!

2:30 AM - Awake now!
Everything works! Mr. Dometic our hardworking refrigerator has cooled down to 42°F. We went shopping for a few things; eggs, milk, OJ, fruit and vegetables.

Mr. Datastorm had his satellite specs changed during our trip. When Mr. Datastorm went up today, he found his satellite immediately. Then he downloaded his new satellite specs and is working great!

In my first post to you [above], I wrote about my friend Pete Schuster driving me to buy a replacement battery cable. After the cable was purchased, I was starving. So, Pete drove to his favorite hamburger place in Tequisquiapan and we spent a couple of hours there eating and chatting

MsTioga is camped near the large Bodega Auerrera store in Tequisquiapan. We are on a quiet street for sleeping. All is well!