Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Battery ants

Battery and ants
This morning we have two chores. One is to replace MsTioga's starting battery. Yesterday we found during inspection, that the starter battery has a bad cell. So, we are going to a battery store and buy a new starter battery.

Second thing to be done, is to find the pest exterminator to get rid of MsTioga's ant infestation.

12 Noon - Got the battery!
We shopped around for our new starter battery. The best price was from a tiny auto supply store named, "El Puente de Tequis". We got a Motocraft battery for 1,000 pesos [$80US].

Before buying this battery, we checked the specific gravity of the cells and they tested 1.275 which is excellent!

Bug man appointment
We have an appointment to meet with the bug man at 5pm. This is the exterminator recommended by our friend Jimena.

The bug man recommended that we use a gel to combat our ant infestation inside MsTioga. He will have this gel ready for us to pickup next Tuesday.