Sunday, July 04, 2010

Battery blunder

Happy 234th birthday!

5AM - Big battery blunder!
This morning our solar battery bank was serviced. It was a huge shock to find that nearly every battery had cells with plates exposed! If you take care of batteries, then you know that this is a terrible blunder. Battery plates should always be covered by water [link].

How could this have happened? Maintenance records show that the battery bank was last serviced on May 5th. It seems to me that at that time the stock of our battery water was low. So the cells were only given a minimum refill of battery water. The intention was to buy more battery water and top the cells off. Apparently, that topping off was never done!

The trip to Israel prevented maintenance. During that time away from MsTioga, the battery water level descended below the top of the plates. It took eight liters of battery water this morning to bring the level up to just above the plates. That's a lot! It seemed not a good idea to top the cells off at this time. Topping off would have reduced the specific gravity of the cells too much. A close eye will now be kept on the battery bank, checking the specific gravity daily. When the specific gravity comes up to near normal, more battery water will be added.

8AM - The river
We noticed that our Google map shows a river with a lot of greenery near our Nite Camp. So, we decided to follow that river to see what is there.

We came to a quiet neighborhood next to the gently flowing river. Little Mavicita captured the path that follows the river. We are doing our morning walk on this path.
River path
San Juan del Rio, Mexico

10AM - After river path walk
Little Mavicita and I have returned from a lovely walk which took us to both sides of the river. It is so quiet and peaceful! Every person who passed us during this walk greeted us with "Buenos dias" and most with a smile. There is a large public park close by that is beautifully maintained and has picnic tables, basketball and tennis courts.

We passed by a residential community with homes for sale. There is a sign at the entrance that contains a website address. Little Mavicita took a pic of that sign so that we could give you a [link] to this site. Just in case you had a glimmer of a thought of buying or renting here. Prices are sooooooo inexpensive, that you would not believe it!
This side of river

River park on opposite side of river