Sunday, July 25, 2010

Borrego place

The borrego place
Around the corner from today's Camp is a restaurant that specializes in borrego [sheep]. I spotted this borrego restaurant last year, but never looked inside. Yesterday while at the Pemex gas station, it occurred to me to go take a peek.

The waiters are all in uniform, and there are lots of customers. Always a good sign! The open kitchen located at the entrance is clean, and the meats being prepared look wonderful.

Little Mavicita and I are going to walk over to the borrego place this afternoon for lunch!

3PM - Back from restaurant
It's been lightly raining all day. So, Little Mavicita and I took Giant Umbrella along for our walk to the restaurant. Looking at the menu, it was hard to decide. The look of the rib steak of my neighbor at the next table looked good, and I ordered it. 70 pesos [$5.60US].