Monday, July 26, 2010

Building home Mexico

Building a home in Mexico!
This morning the TiogaRV Team is driving over to Pete Schuster's home construction site. We have not visited there in over a week, and are excited to see the progress. The home's foundation walls should be well on their way to completion by now!

It has occurred to me that you might have construction experience yourself. Perhaps you have considered building your own home in Mexico? Pete Schuster has built several homes in Mexico performing the function of contractor. Maybe you would like to email Pete and ask him questions about "Building your own home in Mexico?" [link].

Foundation walls finished!
On arriving at the construction site, we were soooooo surprised to find that all of the foundation walls had been completed! The reinforced wall columns are just beginning.

In the pic below, Pete talks with the plumber about the placement of a washroom's toilet and sink.
Pete and the plumber