Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiberglass paint job

MsTioga's fiberglass and paint job!
This morning I replied to an email from a Reader asking questions about MsTioga's fiberglass and paint job. As you may remember, MsTioga had a major exterior remodel during February and March, 2007.

I had forgotten about the details of this fiberglass and paint job, and to refresh my memory, reviewed my blog posts during that time. I have to admit, modestly, that this period of MsTioga's life is an amazing story!

Perhaps you would like to take a peek at MsTioga's thrilling days of yesteryear? The story begins on February 13, 2007 [link]. Below are before and after pics showing how MsTioga has changed since we first met.
Benicia, California
February, 2004

West of ConstituciĆ³n, Mexico
March 29, 2007

Note: MsTioga Magazine has a story about the fiberglass and paint job [link].

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