Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forgot payday

Forgot payday!
Yesterday was payday. The day that direct deposits are received from Social Security and also from Google. However, I forgot to check my deposits and update my Quicken accounting system. Can you imagine that? And payday is one of my favorite days too! Hmmmm?

I do not know about you, but I love it when my savings go up. Much better than when savings go down! Our budget reports have been changed to show an "Annual 2010 to Date" report. With this months payday receipts, this new report shows a surplus of $2,082. Pretty good, huh?

Note: You may view our Income & Expense info by clicking on the "Behind the Scenes" link on our Home page.

Papa Gene
My friends Pete and Jimena have adopted a very nice man named Gene. Pete and Jimena call him Papa Gene. Today I'm going up to see Pete at his home construction site. Then we will both drive to Pete's rented home where I'll spend time with my friend Papa Gene.

On arriving at the construction site, Little Mavicita and I found Pete in his chair watching the men working at building the foundation. It is amazing how much work has been done during the past few weeks. After the concrete foundation that you see below is complete, the brick walls of the house will begin.
Pete watching the work

Concrete foundation
Do you see bricks for the walls?

Papa Gene

This evening we had breaded and fried talapia fish for supper. My favorite thing for fish is to fry it with garlic and onions. Then after the fish is done, scrape the pan for the remaining garlic and onions, placing these on top of the fish. Ymmmmm!
Fried fish supper!