Thursday, July 08, 2010

Google AdSense

Google Ads
Yesterday I wrote to you about disabling Google ads on my blog site. I was frightened by my ad income suddenly rising. It is possible that some Readers may have been clicking on ads to help me earn income. So, I disabled the ads temporarily.

It seems that it might be a good idea for me to explain how Google ads work. You may not understand about the ads and this lack of understanding might cause confusion.

The ads that you see are bought and paid for by advertisers. When you click on an ad, the advertiser who bought the ad pays money to Google and Google shares that money with me. The rules that I have agreed to with Google, provide that I do NOT encourage you to click on ads. If I violate Google's rules, Google may terminate my account with them.

Google and I want you to read the ads that are published on my website. That is how both Google and I earn income. However, please do NOT click on ads solely to help me earn income. If an ad interests you, it is OK for you to click on it to read it.

2PM - Camped with a view
MsTioga and The Team moved to a vacant street behind the Soriana Store. There we have a great view of the mountains across the valley.

When Mr. Datastorm went up, he could not lock on to his satellite. We tried many things, and then found out that HughesNet changed our satellite configuration! Wow! It's a good thing that we have lots of experience with HughesNet or this thing might have thrown us for a loop!
Tioga and George look across the valley