Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jet Lag

Jet lag
My jet lag continues with me being awake at 3am and cooking over the stove at 4am. Salmon patties seemed to be a good thing to make. In the pics below, I'm mixing up and frying a batch of salmon patties.

Click [here] for my Mom's salmon patty recipe.

Mixing patties

Frying patties

12 Noon - Buzz cut
Over at Maria Los Angeles hair cutting place, I got a buzz cut. My hair was long, over the ears! My buzz cut uses a #3 comb to cut my hair all the same length. It feels sooooo good now! Only 35 pesos [$2.80US] for the cut. Prices are so low here in Mexico compared to Israel.

San Juan del Rio
While in Jerusalem, our AA battery charger blew out! A replacement cannot be bought in Jerusalem, because 220 volt current is used. So, we are heading down to San Juan del Rio to buy a new charger.

The City of San Juan is much larger than Tequisquiapan, and an electronics store should be easy to find there.

5PM - Nite Camp
MsTioga and The Team have made our Nite Camp in the northeast end of San Juan del Rio. We our close to the home of my dermatologist who operated on me last year.

We found a really neat battery charger. We have owned many such chargers, and this one is the first that shows when the batteries are completely recharged. This charger also adapts to both AA and AAA sizes [link].

We have a roast beast [link] in the oven. If you have shopped in Mexico, you may have found that beef sized for a roast is hard to find. However, chunks of beef are available. So that is what our roast beast is tonite. Chunky roast beast!