Saturday, July 24, 2010

July spending down

July spending down!
The month of July has been terrific for our financial shape. With only one week to go in July, our total expenses for this month are only $639. In talks with our Tequisquiapan friend Pete Schuster, we claimed that we could live in Mexico for around $600/month.

If things go as expected, we should add about $1,000 to our savings this month!

Note: Our goal in posting about finances here in our blog is to share with readers about the economy of RV living.

10AM - Weather forecasts rain
Although today's weather report forecasts rain, NexRad radar shows only one rain system to the east of Tequisquiapan. MsTioga is hoping for a sunny afternoon. That would be soooooo nice!.

11:30AM - Valley View Camp
We have made a Day Camp behind the Soriana store. As you may see in the pic below, this is an excellent view of the valley between Tequis and the distant mountains. On the way here we stopped at the Pemex and put 500 pesos of gasoline in MsTioga. Also, we asked the gas station manager for permission to fill Tioga's fresh water tank. Tioga receives most of her water from Pemex gas stations.
Tioga's Day Camp

2PM - Little Honda on-the-job!
With several days in a row of rainy and cloudy skies, The TiogaRV Team is very fortunate to have Little Honda on board! How else would we charge Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank?

As you may see in the pic below, we are still in T-shirt and short pants weather. Right now it is a very comfortable 67°F. The skies over our Camp are cloudy. No Sun may be seen. Only intermittent light showers have fallen over the past few hours.
Little 1KW Honda