Thursday, July 15, 2010

Maintenance again

8AM - Maintenance again!
It may seem to you that we on the TiogaRV Team are a bit maintenance loving. That's true, we do enjoy our maintenance chores. However, we have found thru experience that MsTioga must be looked after with a critical eye. Inspection, inspection, inspection! Without ongoing inspection, MsTioga would literally fail!

It's the little things that go wrong found by inspection, that must be attended to as they come up. Otherwise one day there are so many things that need attention, that maintenance may become overwhelming.

This morning inspection of Tioga's water heater came up in Auto Maintenance Pro [software program]. On opening up the water heater door, we found the bottom of the heater had a layer of road dirt. Because we attend to the water heater every six months, this dirt has not accumulated over the years. The heater works great. Even so, all of the electric connectors were removed and sprayed with Caig DeoxIT for prevention against oxidation.

Although the forced air furnace was not up for inspection, since we were already outside, we opened the door to take a peek. The furnace looked pretty good. We turned it on to make sure that it fired up!

5PM - Gentle afternoon
All this afternoon we spent watching some movies. It has been a very gentle afternoon! Tioga and I have not been doing much exploring lately. What we have been doing, is enjoying the peace and tranquility of Tequisquiapan. It is really nice here.

When we first began vagabonding together, MsTioga and I rushed at our life. Moving almost everyday. We were overwhelmed with seeing new things. Now as we approach our eighth year on the road, we seem to be fine with enjoying our days in one place.

This admission does not mean that we will cease to vagabond around. MsTioga and I still yearn to travel. But it sure does seem as though we are slowing up a bit!

6PM - Pizza for supper!
We bought a frozen pepporoni pizza at the Bodega Aurrera grocery store. We plan to bake half of this 12" pizza for supper. It cost 49.90 pesos [$3.99US].