Friday, July 23, 2010

Rain all nite

6AM - Rain all nite!
The rain has been coming down all nite! MsTioga does have a few small leaks. Some rain is seeping into the forward part of the cabover. Also, there is a small drip thru the rear vent. There is nothing to be done with these tiny leaks. They only come when rain falls for several hours. Must be some defects in our all-fiberglass roof!

We have been looking at the regional weather, and it does not appear to us that there is any escape from this rain! We are surrounded by rain, and more rain is coming in from the east.

Green/yellow=light to medium rain. Red=heavy rain.
MsTioga is in San Joaquin-Red arrow

10AM - Heading south!
The current satellite weather map shows less rain to the south. We are pulling out of the Pueblo of San Joaquin, and returning to Tequisquiapan.

1PM - Camped in Tequisquiapan across from Best Western Hotel
Although it was drizzling here when we arrived, about one hour later there is no rain. Back up in the mountains of San Joaquin, weather radar shows that the rain continues. Sometimes pretty heavy rain too. MsTioga has already begun to dry out.