Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Rain coming

7AM - Big rain coming!
Weather prediction is 90% chance of rain today. Right now as you may see in the map, we are in the lull before the storm. Since Hurricane Alex passed north of us last week, our weather here has been extremely unusual. Normally we would be having sunny days at this time of year.

MsTioga and I try hard to position ourselves to have great weather. But the fates are against us at the moment. Not that things have been bad here, they could be much worse. So, we are not complaining. However our lifestyle for the past week has been pretty much staying inside instead of walking around. This has made Little Mavicita a bit antsy and wondering out loud why we don't use Giant Umbrella to go walking around during the rain!
Weather map for Tequisquiapan

AdSense ads disabled!
For the past two days some Readers have been clicking on my ads a huge amount. This is a terrible thing for me! I could lose my AdSense account because of this huge amount of clicking!

Please! Do NOT click on my ads unless you are truly interested in those ads. Do not click on ads to help me.

In order to prevent this huge amount of clicking, I have disabled my AdSense ads on my blog for the time being.